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How to Buy Bitcoin in The European Union

Over the last few years, most of the cryptocurrencies have given their investors phenomenal returns. This is why more and more investors are getting attracted to the cryptocurrency market. Among all the cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is the most popular and highest traded ticker. Most of the trades in Bitcoin in the world take place from the European Union.  The future scope of price appreciation in Bitcoin is very strong, with more valuable companies like Tesla investing in it. If you are considering to buy Bitcoin from the European Union, this article will be highly useful for you.

How To Buy Bitcoin in the EU?

There are two ways to buy Bitcoin in the European Union.

  1. By opening a trading account with an online Bitcoin trading platform.
  2. By buying directly through Bitcoin ATM.

A Bitcoin ATM is a physical ATM that you insert cash into the ATM machine and get Bitcoin in return. Though it seems to be the most convenient option, it is not in reality. Buying from Bitcoin ATM will cost you a lot more than the market value of Bitcoin. Depending on the Bitcoin ATM provider, you will have to pay 10%-20% more than the market value. Therefore, it is very uncommon to buy Bitcoin from Bitcoin ATM. The best way is to buy through a trusted online Bitcoin trading platform.

Factors To Check In A Bitcoin Trading Platform –

Reputation – There are too many online trading platforms available for trading and investing in Bitcoin. However, some of them are total scams and fraud, and you can easily lose all your money. Therefore, it is always wise to go with the crowd and choose a reputable and trusted online trading platform. To make things easy for you, we have selected the best Bitcoin trading platforms for you which are listed later.

Trading Charges – The reason we rejected the Bitcoin ATM option for investing in Bitcoin is due to high charges. Similarly, while selecting an online trading platform, you need to ensure that the trading charges will not cut a deep hole in your pocket. However, you will always have to pay a commission or brokerage, just like when you trade in stocks. Apart from that, there could be some more charges, especially when depositing and withdrawing money.

Payment Option – Most of the trading platforms have payment option through debit and credit cards. However, the European Union has the option of SEPA transfer for depositing money. This is highly cost-effective as the charges are very low as compared to debit cards. Therefore, you should opt for a trading platform that has a SEPA transfer option. Some platforms also offer e-wallet options, such as PayPal, Skrill, and Neteller. Moreover, you should be watching out for the minimum deposit or withdrawal limit so that it is as per your convenience.


Choosing The Best Bitcoin Trading Platform –

CoinBase – Most Popular Platform

This is the most reputable and trusted Bitcoin trading platform in the European Union. The platform has been in the market since 2012. It has over 35 million customer base and presence in more than 100 countries. It is the perfect trading platform for beginners as the interface is super convenient. You can open your account within a few minutes as ID verification is instant. The platform offers payment through debit card and SEPA transfer. There is also a mobile app available for easy trading.

However, its chargers are on the higher side due to its popularity. Depositing money through debit card takes 3.99% charges, and withdrawal takes 2% fees. But with SEPA transfer, the deposit is free, and for withdrawal, it charges a flat €0.15. The trading charges are variable, and you can check their website for more details. Overall, it is the most-trusted and perfect platform to get started in Bitcoin investing.

Kraken – Highest Daily Traded Platform

In terms of trading volume, Kraken is the most popular platform for cryptocurrencies in Europe. With a European bank account, you can quick transfer and withdraw money with SEPA transfer. There are different commissions applicable depending on your monthly volume. Even then, it is a relatively low-commission platform.

The platform has been in existence since 2011. It complies with all European regulations, and hence, it is one of the oldest and safest platforms for buying Bitcoin. There is also a mobile app available, and payment option includes debit, credit and even SWIFT.

eToro – Commission-Free Platform

Everyone wants to save money by paying commission as least as possible. EToro does not charge you anything when you buy Bitcoin. Apart from Bitcoin, there are 15 more popular cryptocurrencies available that you can buy commission-free. It offers a complete CFD facility which means you can also short-sell Bitcoin and others when you think that they are going to correct or crash.

The user interface is very simple to operate. Most importantly, it offers 1:2 leverage positions. Apart from that, it supports debit and credit cards, e-wallets like PayPal, Skrill, and bank transfers. However, there is 0.5% deposit fee, and there is a minimum deposit limit. If you are going to trade in Bitcoin regularly, it is the best platform as you can save a lot on commission.

Conclusion –

To buy Bitcoin in the EU, you need to open an account with any of the best Bitcoin trading platforms. Fill the registration form online and verify your ID through government-issued documents. After verification and account opening, you need to deposit money in your account and start purchasing Bitcoin. Do not fall into the trap of huge offers from different new platforms and select only from the list of the best Bitcoin trading platform we have selected for you. And if you want to learn more, check out this guide, “How To Buy Bitcoin With SEPA“.

VPN: Encrypt your internet connection

According to some claims a VPN (seems crucial for your privacy and digital security and it is indeed useful in some situations. However, how does it work, when and how do you use it and what should you pay attention to?

With a VPN you create an encrypted ‘tunnel’ between your digital device (PC, smartphone, etc.) and a VPN server. All your internet traffic goes through that computer (server) of a free or paid VPN provider somewhere on the internet. Therefore, it is vital to choose a trusted provider with our VPN points of interest.

The VPN provider will link you to a new IP address that you share with others and that changes regularly. Your internet activities are then much more difficult to trace back to you. Every time you turn on the VPN, you can choose the country where you appear to be located for others.

Do you need more for privacy?


It is important to realize that a VPN is very useful, but is not a panacea that keeps you completely anonymous and safe. An IP address is not the only way to track you online. There are tracking cookies and advanced techniques such as canvas fingerprinting, where a good adblocker could help against it. And if you log in somewhere else, you also break anonymity.

Safety benefits

As it mentioned before, it is clear that an encrypted VPN tunnel provides a lot of security benefits, but it might not protect you from all Internet threats. However, by getting a VPN you will not always be vulnerable to malware, fraud and most hacking attempts.

In short, using a VPN isn’t always necessary but for whom and when does a VPN help?


Practical applications of a VPN

  • Safe internet on public Wi-Fi networks

On a public Wi-Fi network, the (Wi-Fi) network administrator or a hacker can intercept your data. With a VPN, your entire connection is encrypted so that you can e-mail, surf the internet or bank online more safely via a public Wi-Fi.

  • More privacy from more anonymous internet

“Third parties” such as internet providers, government services and advertising companies cannot follow you easily if you use VPN. Also realize that you might need to take other measures for more privacy, such as a good adblocker.

Disadvantages of a VPN


A VPN can cause slower internet, because you surf via a deviation: via the server of the VPN provider. Visiting web pages will usually go efficiently, but downloading larger files or streaming videos may slow down or stutter noticeably.

Setting up the VPN connection also takes some time. If you choose a random VPN provider without knowing whether you can trust it or not, the question will actually be whether your privacy improves or not. Therefore, it is important to search good for a trustable and useful VPN service.

Set up a VPN


VPN providers often have their own software / apps, but not always for all operating systems. With this software itself you often do not have to do anything other than install, choose a server / country and press the connect button. If there is not a software from the VPN provider, you can use the one from OpenVPN. You must then load the (server) settings of your VPN provider in it.

Choosing a VPN provider: paid or free


You can usually purchase a VPN from a VPN provider. You can choose between free and paid services. Free VPN services without drawbacks or limitations do not exist. Usually, you have to deal with a restricted data limit, speed or number of servers / countries you can connect to. The slow speed may be due to the congestion on the small number of free servers you can connect to. Our first impression of the free ProtonVPN shows that the limitations of this free VPN provider are not too bad.

Regarding a paid VPN there are significant differences in the number of servers, prices and conditions. We made a selection of good VPN providers based on, among other things, country of residence, privacy conditions and which had its own Windows software.

Does a VPN provide 100% anonymity?


Probably not, but your privacy will improve significantly. If you choose a VPN provider from the United States or a country that works closely with it, there is a greater chance of a back door for the government services. If you want to stay mostly out of the picture for advertising companies, you do not have to pay attention to the country of residence.

Note: you break through the invisibility for a service or website when you log in there.

A VPN via a router


Instead of a VPN provider, you can also use a VPN router. When you are outdoors, you can use it to create a secure tunnel to your own fixed internet connection. You can use the internet more safely on a public Wi-Fi network and watch online TV or videos from your own country being abroad. However, it is important to know this form of VPN is not suitable for using the internet (at home) more anonymously.

Why do you need a VPN to send Bitcoin?


If you trade in Bitcoin, then getting a VPN service for your computer is not an option. A VPN, which works by providing you with a private shied whenever you browse the internet, will not only protect your investments from hackers but will also leave no track on the sites you browse.


Also, if you are getting a VPN service, get one with a Kill-switch. A kill switch automatically disconnects a computer from the internet when the VPN is down. This ensures that at no point are your investments in the crypto trade exposed to hackers and cybercriminals.

Apart from that, A VPN service will hide your IP address, granting you the most powerful thing over the internet – anonymity. Because of the anonymity it provides, you can conduct your bitcoin trades more privately with no risk of exposure at all.

Using a VPN to hide your IP address also has other benefits. You can use it to log into overseas locations, granting you access to conduct your Bitcoin trades in locations that you are otherwise restricted from.

A hidden IP address will also give you more privacy not only with your browser history but also your financial privacy when it comes to your online wallet in cryptocurrency.






5 Key Factors to Consider when choosing a Bitcoin wallet

These days, investing or trading with BTC as well as other digital assets is now possible through trading platforms online & Bitcoin Wallets.

As a minimum of 1 Bitcoin wallet is needed to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, it is advisable to use the best one then. There are several bitcoin wallets you can make use of. A few of them are superb, while others do not have so many essential features.

So it best you make adequate research before signing up to a Bitcoin wallet company. The following are five key factors to consider when choosing a bitcoin wallet:

A host of Cryptocurrencies

Before choosing a crypto wallet, you have to find out whether it allows for the storage of other assets. Though, a wallet stores crypto basically, your wallet should still take in over a single cryptocurrency.

Since you might decide to trade btc and other cryptoassets when you want to profit from a big market, a multi-crypto wallet is essential. Employing a Bitcoin wallet that can keep several cryptos will make it much simpler for you to invest & trade in various assets. Rather than creating separate wallets for every cryptocurrency, it is most advisable you use one wallet for all your holdings.

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Top 10 Altcoins under 2$ to Invest in

Altcoins currency has been launched after the success of Bitcoin, which is a substitute for cryptocurrencies.  Altcoins are generally claimed to be the best alternative to bitcoin.  Although, bitcoin first appeared as a peer-to-peer digital currency, which attracted the attention of many users.  However, due to some drawbacks, its users are reluctant to use it.  Therefore, altcoins have been introduced to overcome their drawbacks.  The purpose of launching altcoins is to embed more features in its new version so that it can compete with bitcoins.

Furthermore, the altcoins word is basically a combination of two different words which are coins and alt.  The word alt actually represents an alternative.  And the word coin denotes cryptocurrency. The basic structure for making coins has been introduced by Bitcoin.  Altcoins are often created using the same structure.  However, some other features are also unionized in its structure.  Because of these features, most users are attracted to altcoins.

How Altcoins work:


This is an account book or ledger in which all transactions related to currency are performed publicly.  The goal is to provide users with complete and clear clarity so that they can avoid the fear of double spending and spend in altcoins with complete confidence.  In addition, the altcoins account book database contains a complete list of entries that only authorized persons can change.  Furthermore, the most interesting feature of altcoins is that no one possesses a cryptocurrency block chain because it acts as a decentralized one.  Therefore, it does not involve any kind of outside party interference. It works on the basis of self administrator and self-run.

Altcoins to invest in under 1$:

This coin is convenient for users or investors who want to make a profit by investing fewer dollars. Due to this feature, the number of its investors is increasing day by day. In this article, we are going to tell you about the best altcoins that you can invest under 2$ at most of the crypto exchange.

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Top 10 Best Cryptocurrency Exchanges for 2021

Cryptocurrency trade is one of the latest and most lucrative ways to make money online. If you find the right place to trade, trust me, this business is very profitable and enriching. If at all you are looking for the right place to trade cryptocurrencies, we have got you covered. Check out our comprehensive and well thought out list of top 10 best cryptocurrency exchanges for 2021. Each of these websites is legit and proven to help users make a lot of money trading digital currencies.

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